Welcome to Åndalsnes and Romsdal

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  • 1-EC KB Hiking2 Klovstien 1617
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  • Steinar Vikås - Trollstigen 2
  • 1-EC KB Hiking5 Litlefjellet 4029
  • Viewpoint Romsdalstrappa Photo: Anunatak
  • Cycling in Romsdalen - Photo: Tommy Soleim
  • Great view from Romsdalseggen
  • Kløvstien - Photo: Mattias Fredriksson
  • The Rauma Line and Romsdalshorn (1555 m ) Photo: Leif J. Olestad
  • Trollstigen
  • Trollstigen - Photo: Steinar Vikås
  • From Litlefjellet with a great view to Trollveggen and Romsdalshorn - Photo: Mattias Fredriksson
  • Romsdalseggenbussen i oktober

    Romsdalseggenbussen i oktober

    The bus to Vengedalen has it's last ordinary trip on Tuesday September 30. For the next two weeks the Romsdalseggen-bus will drive Saturday and Sunday during the first and second weekend in October. Departure from Åndalsnes Railwaystation at 09:30. Cancelled if bad weather.

  • Raumabanen


    Europe`s most scenic train journey !

  • Trollstigen Road

    Trollstigen Road

    Trollstigen Road is open !

  • Romsdalstrappa


    Romsdalstrappa and the new viewpoint in Åndalsnes .

  • Romsdal.com


    Outdoor in Romsdalen

  • Bus and ferry

    Bus and ferry

    Bus and ferry for  Molde,Ålesund and Geiranger.